RelaxSol Sunscreen | Skincare products for the sun

RelaxSol, a UK-based company, discovers and develops novel skincare products for safely enjoying the benefits of the Sun.


Safely enjoy the full benefits of the sun...

Solar UV-radiation is the most important environmental risk factor for the development of skin cancers. Protection from the harmful effects of solar UV radiation with sunscreens is essential.


However, sunlight also has many health benefits and numerous studies have shown that increased exposure to sunlight has far reaching health benefits including a healthier happier life and longer life expectancy.


Use of sunscreens protect from the harmful effects of UV exposure but also prevent the significant health benefits that arise from sun exposure.


RelaxSol have developed an innovative approach to sunscreen formulation. This allows for full sun protection together with  preserved and enhanced delivery of the naturally occurring health benefits of sunlight.


RelaxSol can provide you with the optimal sun block solution providing sunscreen protection for your skin while maximising the naturally occurring health benefits from sunshine.